Well-Watered Women

The well-watered woman drinks deeply from the Well of God’s Word and finds her satisfaction and joy in Christ alone. She lives with an eternal perspective and treasures the words of Christ above any earthly thing. She embraces God’s grace upon amazing grace and seeks first the kingdom of God in her day-to-day life (Matthew 6:34). She brings her empty cup to the Well each day to be filled up with wisdom, truth, hope, and peace.

The purpose of this journal is to be a cup with which you drink from the Well of ”living water" Jesus offers in Scripture (John 4:14). Instead of living off of the droplets of the gospel left over in your heart from yesterday, you can be a well-watered woman who daily swims in God’s grace and overflows with His love. You were meant for more than the “dried-up, keep-trying, never-getting-there kind of life.” You have been created by God to be a well-watered woman, drinking deeply of the gospel of grace, and being transformed into His image through abiding in Christ in the everyday mundane. 

Are you tired of wasting precious time searching for satisfaction in all the wrong things, and allowing the world to dry up your joy? There’s hope, sister, and it is found in the Lord.  Every promise found in God’s Word is yours today in Christ Jesus. All He requires is that you come and hand Him your empty cup and let Him fill it up to overflowing.

In order the be well-watered women, we need to be able to discern what a life that is well-watered looks like compared to the life that is dried-up. Below you will find comparisons between the well-watered woman and the dried-up woman.

May we be women who find our satisfaction in Christ alone, coming each morning to the well that never runs dry, filling up on the Word of truth. May we walk in grace and believe that our strength, hope and identity are found in the hands of Jesus drawing us near.

your well-watered sisters,

the llb team