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Well-Watered Women began as a big dream in a small apartment in Knoxville, Tennessee. Several months after Gretchen, our founder, was married, she set out to start an online women’s ministry that would reach women worldwide. Having no idea where to start, she began right where she was with what she had: a small amount of money in savings and a batch of old keys from a garage sale. Initially, she began making stamped key necklaces and jewelry for missions. This endeavor seems small in the long run, but it was the first steps of obedience. God used these beginning days to begin to craft the mission of this ministry and teach Gretchen the importance of total surrender and obedience when following Jesus. 

One year later, in 2014, God planted a seed in Gretchen’s heart to create a practical quiet time journal that women could use to study the Word. With no design knowledge, Gretchen set out to create this journal. Through a series of God-ordained circumstances, the very first Give Me Jesus journal was launched May 2014. The initial batch of journals sold out within an hour, and in that moment, God defined the vision and mission of Well-Watered Women: to encourage and quip women to be rooted deeply in God's Word, stay grounded in truth when life is overwhelming, and flourish through abiding in Christ.

Ever since the first printing of the Give Me Jesus journal, God has opened doors for us to write Bible studies and create products to point women to Jesus. Women from all over the world have purchased from the shop and daily read the blog. What began as a small seed, God has grown into an oak tree—a planting for His glory.

In 2017, we transitioned the name of the ministry from Life Lived Beautifully to Well-Watered Women. We pray that through this transition that God is greatly glorified and that this new name better portrays our mission!

We exist first and foremost as a ministry and desire to do all we can to point you to Christ. Only Jesus will satisfy the longings of our hearts, and only He can rescue and redeem us. In Him, we find true life, and because of the cross, we can be well-watered women who drink deeply from His Word and are nourished. We are grateful that you are joining us on this journey and pray that this blog, the shop, and every tool we produce is a match that lights a consuming fire in your heart to know Jesus more and more. 

For Jesus, For the Gospel

Being a well-watered woman for the glory of God is about making much of Jesus in all things. It is embracing Christ's beauty and glory in our mess and meeting Him in our daily tasks... Living well-watered is not about ourselves, it is about the glorious joy that comes from living in God's amazing grace.

Well-Watered Women is more than a business, a blog, and an Instagram account. It is a mission to make the name of Jesus known to the ends of the earth. Its purpose is to serve you and encourage you to follow Christ wherever He leads you. Its aim is to worship the Lord through creating and to be a reminder to daily take up our cross and follow Christ. For that, dear sister, is how you live a life beautifully for Jesus.

Your Sisters Journeying With You,

the Well-Watered Women Team

 Photo by ZoLu Photography

Photo by ZoLu Photography