Hello, my name is Gretchen!

Currently, I am a resident of the beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee. This is just one dot on the map of the places I have lived (El Paso, TX, Lawrenceville & Athens, GA, Hendersonville, TN) and visited (England, Ireland, Wales, Israel, Haiti, Costa Rica, Hawaii, New York, Canada, India, and Nicaragua). In a sense, you could say I am a girl with a travel bug and a heart for the world! 

Here’s a little bit about myself. As you get to know me, know that I look forward to hearing your story! Everyone has a story, a world full of treasures just waiting to be discovered. God is writing an incredible story through you and the gospel redeems your past, present, and future. Share your own story with boldness, life, and the goal of sharing Jesus Christ! Join me on the journey as we seek to make much of Christ together. 

 Photo by Emily Hooten

Photo by Emily Hooten


When I was seven years old, I surrendered my life to Jesus. Since then, I have never been the same. My life has purpose: to know God and to make Him known. I believe that the Bible is the Word of God and that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, and He created man for the purpose of knowing Him and bringing Him glory. I believe that the moment that Adam and Eve sinned, God began working a plan of redemption to bring Jesus to die on the cross in order to save us from our sins and make our relationship right with Him. If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior, I would love to tell you more about my faith! It is my life, my breath, my hope, my meaning. And  God desires this for you, too.

Art-Lover & Avid Journaler

Since the day I was born, I have been enthralled with the beauty of art! I was known as the girl who was always creating. This passion to create extended into one of the most obvious areas of our life: clothing & dress. This love for fashion began to grow in my life and a new perspective also developed. Life is more than clothing, and clothing more than fabric. We don’t live to wear clothes, yet we cannot live without wearing clothes. 

My passion is to teach women the beauty and purpose of dress. Your body is a canvas to be created on. God intricately created us and He beautifully redeemed dress for His glory. We can dress to glorify the Lord and magnify the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Wife & Author

God radically changed my life when I moved to Hendersonville, TN in the spring of 2011. Little did I know, I would meet the man I had prayed for my whole life and would begin dating him the following spring. We dated and were married within a little over nine months. 

August 2014, I launched a book called “A God-Sized Love Story” for girls who are waiting on a future husband. You can purchase it on Kindle here ! My prayer is that God will use our love story to point others to the greater love story we have with Jesus Christ! Greg and I give God all the glory for the beautiful love story He wrote for us!