Surrender Your Pen


This week I was sitting down with a friend talking through what God was doing in our lives. We both are in a season of waiting on the Lord to direct our steps. As I was telling her how I'd been struggling with wanting to have a plan, she said to me "I used to be a planner." I wish I could say I used to be a planner. I haven't gotten to the point of complete surrender...but the Lord is walking me towards it! Last week I shared on Internet Cafe Devotions how God is teaching me to surrender my pen. If you are ready to exchange your pen for a pencil and your planner for the Word of God, click here to read it. I pray you are encouraged as I have been to trust Jesus, even when plans change and life is uncertain. He is faithful and He knows everything. From how many hairs are on your head to what we will wear, what we will eat, where we will live, who we will marry and the number of our days! Let's trust Him together!

surrendering with you! Gretchen