Ruth Day 2: Hopeless to Hopeful


Reading: Ruth 1:3-5 Good Morning Ladies!

Below is a post written from my sweet Momma two years ago. She was in the hospital due to numerous health complications, and in many ways I felt my world was crumbling. I received the news that she was in ICU on my way home from my honeymoon and spent the following weeks with her in a hospital room and then in a rehab facility. As I was studying Ruth and Naomi today and thinking about what it means to suffer, the Lord reminded me to share my momma's story. She wrote this post soon after she was out of rehab, and the every word breathes hope in Christ. Naomi lost everything (it seemed) in the book of Ruth. Today's readings may seem hopeless, but always remember, that even in suffering, God is still God and He is still faithful.

You may be currently in a place of suffering, waiting, or loss and you feel like your world is falling apart. I know Naomi felt the exact same way when she found out her husband and two sons had died. I know I felt that way when I received the message that my mom was in ICU. But in the moments of gut-wrenching worry, when pangs of sorrow invade our hearts, the peace of God is there. He never leaves us alone when all hope seems lost.

I pray you are encouraged and inspired through her courageous heart and trust in our Savior!

Always remember, He is sovereign over us.


Overwhelmed, yet Blessed. Stubborn, now dependent. Fearful, confessing trust.Uncertain, yet Certain. Caregiver, now given care.

Hospital with mom I will be going home this Tuesday, January 29th. Three weeks ago I was admitted to the neurology floor because I could no longer walk, see out of my left eye, or feel anything on most of the left side of my body. I’m excited to go home, yet wondering what it will be like to use a walker, have handicapped bathrooms in our home, and learn how to pace myself as I walk unsteadily. I will continue to see new doctor’s to find what medicines will keep this disease under control. My husband and children are ready to take on a Mama/wife who is stubborn and not ‘walked’ this path before….they think! (Pray for them! I KNOW they covet your prayers!)

The medical diagnosis now is Lupus that attacked my nervous system with a vengeance.

I couldn’t help but think about the fact that auto-immune diseases cause our own bodies to attack themselves. why would my own body want to hurt itself? That’s just like the body of Christ when we attack each other, isn’t it? It causes great harm and destruction.

I had many strong signs that something was wrong for months, but for the most part, I ignored them.  I should have paid attention earlier before the damage hit so forcefully. It is the same with unforgiveness, unconfessed sin, deception, and self-centeredness in the body of Christ –  God will reveal the diseases that are there. We cannot continue to ignore them. As a child, my daddy would remind my siblings and me many times of this certainty, “Be sure your sins will find you out.”

That actually is not a bad thing. There cannot be healing spiritually, emotionally, or physically if the disease, no matter what it is, is not revealed. It is always to our advantage to pay attention to the signs of sin in our life and confess them to the Lord first, and to others we have hurt before the damage worsens in the body of Christ. God is – Love. Hope. Grace. Peace. Joy. Forgiveness.  My prayer has been that I would reflect these attributes of Jesus to the Doctors, nurses, techs, physical therapists and occupational therapistsI have met. If they have seen love, it is because Jesus has enabled me to love them. If they have seen joy, it is by the same power.

Uncertain of what lies ahead? Yes. But I know this is all part of my story God is writing.

I have a choice to be bitter because of this disease or better because God was not surprised. Burdened for my family or blessed by their love and support. Embarrassed/prideful because of a wheelchair or walker or accepting of friends who are rejoicing that I am regaining mobility.

Write the story, Lord. Non-Christians and Christians alike have been reading it and I pray they see YOU.

Kathy Jones