Living a Life {Beautifully}

My friends :)

On Tuesday I asked you, my amazing customers and friends, what it mean's to live life beautifully. It made me so excited and filled me up to the brim with joy, so I had to share your answers with all to see. This is what life lived beautifully is all about. This is why I do my job. Thank you for reminding me, inspiring me, and journeying with me.

  • To live life beautifully: is to be transparent and true to His word, to know who you are in Christ Jesus, not by how you feel. to live your life in reckless abandonment to Him, because if He is, than there is no want!!!
  • I think a life lived beautifully is one that shows the love of God and grace through Jesus. Creatively existing to give God glory.
  • To live a life beautifully means to fully and completely live in the love and grace of Jesus Christ moment by moment, trusting Him at all times.
  • To love life beautifully means to give every chance you get with everything you have, living fully abandoned and surrendering everything for what you believe in.
  • To know my Savior
  • Loving our Savior and following His path for us!
  •  A life live beautifully is one that embraces each moment in life, both good & bad, and allows the glory of God to shine throughout. 
  • A life lived beautifully is one that is so connected to the Holy Spirit that your life reflects His beauty. Living your life beautifully would be a life lived how God has it planned for you. Definitely have to have a connection and relationship with Christ to fulfill a life lived beautifully.
  •  A life lived beautifully is a life filled with joy. It is a life that has meaning and is characterized by one who loves God in everything by seeing beauty in all things.
  •  Live life with grace and see the beauty in the everyday
  •  Let your actions speak louder than your words.

Seeking to live life beautifully with you,