Live on Purpose

Someone asked what keeps me motivated and I’ve been thinking about this ever since.

Creating for Life Lived Beautifully is not an easy task. Whether it be a blog or Instagram post, Bible study, or any other product in the shop, I take the things God has called me to do seriously because it is my act of worship to Him. Since having a baby, creating and writing have become a daily discipline. Carving out time, or creating during nap time, is harder than I expected it to be. Most days I create with Nolan crawling at my feet. What keeps me motivated is not how "easy" it is to create. It takes a lot out of energy and vulnerability to write new content and prayerfully create new items for the shop. I create and write to point women to Christ. That is my greatest desire.

What keeps me motivated is also not followers, money, or affirmation, because we all know those things will fade away and aren’t reliable motivations. The answer is found John 3:30. Simply put, it says “more Jesus, less me.” When I live life for me, I end up in a tangled mess of pride, but when I live for Him, life is full and sweet. I want to spend all my time and energy making much of Jesus and living in the fullness of His presence. I do this by using the gifts and passions He has given me to create products and posts that will light a fire in the hearts of women to know Jesus more. Francis Chan summed it up well when he said, "Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter.” I want to live for what lasts. 

When I look at Jesus I see a life of mission. He came and lived on purpose. Nothing distracted Him from His mission, and through the cross, He invites us to live on mission right where we are. Though most of my days are spent living in the mundane, I want to meet with Him through it. I don’t want to waste these precious moments dreaming and wishing I was somewhere else - I want to do all that I can with what He’s given. I want to use the time, energy, talents, and dreams God has placed in my heart to bring Him glory.

When I get to the end of each day, I want to be able to say “Lord, I did all I could to share Christ.” I want my legs to be tired, my body to be spent, and my mind to be at peace knowing that I lived for Him and not the temporary. Even if it means I have to get uncomfortable, be vulnerable, or pour out, I want my hands to be His tools. More Jesus, less me, is my motivation to write, share, create, change dirty diapers, and keep up with the home. I want to live on purpose. 

Your mission is not tomorrow, it’s today. Live on purpose right where you are.

living on mission,