Just One Thing

I am currently working on our fall Bible study, Redefined, a study on our true identity in Christ. As I was writing the other day, these words flowed from my pen. This is the basis for the next study, and exactly what I would tell you if I could sit with you in person and have coffee. If I could tell you just one thing, I'd tell you...

If I could look you in the eye, I’d tell you just one thing.

Your worth is not in your size or your diamond ring.

It’s not in all that you have done, as much as you’ve tried hard.

It’s not in your pretty home, your family, or your car.

If I could tell you just one thing, I’d be anxious to begin,

Telling you that Jesus came and loved you to the end. 

He bled and died and took your shame, and was nailed to a cross.

He came to open our blind eyes and find those who were lost. 

If you could hear me when I say, you are loved beyond all measure,

not because of your ability, but because you are Jesus’ treasure.

You’re created by His mighty hands, with a purpose for today.

He’s the glue holding you together and leading you along the way.

Let these words sink into your mind, above any whisper of man:

Jesus came to save your soul, and He has a perfect plan.

When doubts arise, when fear assails, stop and look to Him.

You’ve been redefined and set free from all of your past sin.

Now that you know this one thing, go live like it’s the truth.

Because Jesus is alive and well, and you are living proof.

your sister,