Joys of Summer

Life Lived Beautifully

Hi friends! I am so grateful that I get to study the Bible with you! For those of you who have Give Me Jesus journals, I pray for you often! It brings me abundant joy knowing that each day you are opening up the Word and writing truth in that journal. I am so excited about creating the next one! I am getting together a "Life Lived Beautifully dream team" to help me create and bounce ideas off of as they come! Would you pray about being on this team? I want us to encourage each other and to create new, beautiful products with your help! If you are interested in being on the team, comment below with your email and I will be in touch! A few perks of being on the team are:

  • Being on the inside of the creation process! I want this next journal to be refined and even more useful for women studying God's Word.
  • Being a part of studies before they are in the public. I am going to start writing some studies for us to do together that I can sell in a small journal format. Would you like to be a part of them before they are released?
  • Sharing your brain with me! I often come up with ideas and bounce them off of my husband. He is a great help, but I would also like to hear from YOU and what you are looking for!
  • You will receive a 50% off discount for the upcoming study and journal!

I am excited for what is coming up and praying the Lord would guide in the creating process!

Also, tomorrow the first Life Lived Beautifully sale begins! Receive 20% off using the coupon code SUMMERJOY! This includes journals, mugs, stationery and prints! It will last until Thursday at 12:00 p.m. Be sure to grab your journals and goodies while you can get a discount!

Lastly, on Wednesday I am starting another Life Lived Beautifully Instagram/Blog Bible study! We are going to begin in 1 John and study through the entire book together. I will post tomorrow about how we will go through the study! I hope you will join as we seek the face of the Lord together through His precious Word.

You are a treasured gift! Never forget that. Bask in the abundant love of Christ. Even if that means putting everything aside (yes, including your phone), grabbing a cup of tea, your Bible and just meditating on His wonderful Word!

embracing the quiet moments,