Join Us In Studying Redefined

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Hey friends! In less than a week we will begin studying Redefined, and quite honestly - we can hardly wait. The topics of identity, confidence and inner-strength can become quite twisted by our society as the world is shouting that we can be anyone or anything we want to be. Rather than getting swept away in the chaos of culture, we want to run to the well of wisdom found in God’s Word and hear what He has to say about who we are. That is what we’ll be discussing in the next six weeks as we study Redefined.

We want to provide an outline here for those of you who will be following along so that you can easily access additional resources, insights and conversations from the well-watered community. Please feel free to contribute to the conversation, engage your friends and neighbors, and invite other women around you to dig into God’s Word with us in the weeks ahead. 

We’d love to hear from you if you plan to join us! Comment below introducing yourself and let us know where you’ll be joining in from.


The Structure

  • Redefined is a six-week study and each week is composed of five days.
  • We recommend going through the study in your own quiet time with the Lord, even if you plan to follow along within a group.
  • Use your group time each week for discussion, asking questions or hashing out any ideas that you’ve been wrestling with.
  • Additionally, we will use social media to post regularly as we study through the week’s Scriptures and devotions.

The Schedule

We'll begin Week One Day One on Monday, September 18th - but if you have your study, you can go ahead and read the letter from Gretchen and the Introduction. These two components of the book will give you a good idea of what to expect in the coming weeks. Take your time reading through those and spend time praying for the Lord to really show you any areas of your heart that need to be surrendered through your time with this study.

Facebook Group

We’ve created a Facebook Group specifically for walking through this Bible Study. We want you to be able to find everything related to Redefined in one spot. You can join that group here for weekly posts, links and shareable content. We’ll be using this group as a main source for everything that gets shared regarding Redefined - we’ll link to blog posts, Instagram posts and add any additional resources there.

Facebook Live 

We’ll be using Facebook Live to have a weekly teaching time. Our live teaching will be on Thursdays at 11:00 AM EDT and will last around thirty minutes. Join us then, or watch later - the videos will be saved on Facebook and posted to the group.



We’ll be sharing over @wellwateredwomen and @wellwateredco as the Lord is teaching us through His Word. You can find daily thoughts there to encourage you in the study and use the hashtag #wwwredefined to see what other women in our community are learning.

The Blog

Right here on the blog we will be posting a couple posts each week to further discuss some of the topics brought up in the study. If you don’t have the Redefined study but still want to follow along, we’ll be sharing similar themes here in these posts.

Additional Resources

  • Don’t forget we’ve created a FREE leader guide for you to use if you are going through this study with a group. Click here for that guide.
  • We’ve also created some FREE lock screens for you to share on stories or use for yourself. We pray these reminders are an easy way to point your heart to the Lord. See them below, download them here.
  • We’ve got a Redefined playlist on Spotify, and the order of the songs reflects the order of the study! We hope these songs bring joy to your day as you listen to truth and worship the Lord who created you.

Don’t forget to let us know in the comments if you plan to join. We cannot wait to see what God does through the weeks to come as we dig into His Word and find our identity in the mirror of Scripture!

your sister in Christ,