James: Week 6

Hey friends!

We are now moving into week 6 of the James memory verse challenge! It has been so helpful for me to go through this slowly during this season of life. Once I week I take time to write down all the verse that we have memorized and I use the lock screen on my phone to help hide each weeks verse(s) in my heart. Once we get through chapter one, I will do a periscope and share what the Lord has taught me through the chapter and will also say my memory verses to you as accountability!

Praying for you this morning. Remember that fruit bearing in Jesus' Name is counted by numbers. Fruit bearing comes from abiding and remaining in Him, obeying His voice, and taking up your cross daily to follow Him. That can't be counted numerically, but it stands out in a crowd. You will look different because you follow Jesus. You will say different things, do different things, and long for different things. Bearing fruit in Jesus' Name is for His glory and a byproduct of the Holy Spirit tilling up the soil of our hearts and growing a lasting fruit in us. 

Holy Spirit, do Your work in us. Dig up the weeds and plant a gospel-centered love deep within us. Grow us as we abide in Jesus, hide Truth in our hearts, and take up our crosses daily to follow You. In Jesus' mighty Name, Amen.

your sister,


Gretchen SafflesComment