Interrupted by Grace


When productivity feels impossible and interruptions seem to multiply, I remind myself of how Jesus handled distractions.

He didn't turn the little children away, He welcomed them into His lap (Mark 10:13-16).

He didn't scold the bleeding woman who touched the hem of His garment while He was on His way to see Jarius' daughter.

He healed her (Matthew 9:18-26).

He didn't rebuke His disciples for interrupting His time with the Father, He gave them direction and went with them (Mark 1:35-39).

Jesus was the ultimate example for handling interruptions with grace and purpose.

Maybe the distractions in our days are His whispers to slow us down and help us remember we need Him? Maybe the child who calls for you when you are working or the friend who asks you to listen when you are heading somewhere are His ministry for you today? And maybe interruptions really aren't interruptions at all, but are gifts of grace?

Let's receive His grace, embrace the interruptions, and slow down to savor His goodness as we go throughout our days.

your sister,