Give Me Jesus Journal Survey

It's that time again when I roll my sleeves up, get on my knees, get my hands dirty and create the new Give Me Jesus journal. This journal is dear to my heart. It is the core of why I create for Life Lived Beautifully. I want women to love Jesus. I want them to live for what will last. I want them to find satisfaction, joy, and purpose in this life. And I know that this can only be found in a whole-hearted pursuit of Jesus Christ. The purpose of this quiet time journal is to be a tool that points women to Him. 

Since I started creating this journal in 2014, it has gone through several revisions. Each time I work on a new version, I start with open hands and a willing heart to change, tweak, and alter certain aspects of the journal. As I work on the new version and pray through the new verses, quotes, and design of the journal, I would love to hear feedback from those of you who have used the journal. 

If you could take a few moments to fill out this survey that would assist me in creating this new journal! One woman will be chosen randomly to win the new Give Me Jesus journal when it comes out!

Grateful for you all. My heart truly overflows when I think of you and the work God is doing in our hearts!

your sister,