Friday Features

Give Me Jesus Journal

Friends, It is such a joy to write this post while I sit at the beach with my husband. We took a week to get away and be refreshed. This week has looked like a LOT of sleeping, laughing, resting, and enjoying the beauty of creation. Exactly what I needed to keep going with all the Lord has put on my heart for the next season of Life Lived Beautifully. There are so many big dreams, but they must be rooted deeply in Christ. Continue praying with me as I work through it all and put feet to these ideas! In the meantime, a few friends of mine have featured me on their sites and I would love to share each one with you - 1. because each these women is amazing and loves Jesus 2. because I haven't shared a lot of these things on my blog yet! I hope you enjoy them and find some new people to follow as well!

Maggie Whitley // Handmade Crush

I shared on Maggie's site my tips for those who are starting up a small business or pursuing their dreams! I pray this encourages you if you are in that same boat! I will be posting more on this in the coming weeks and sharing more of my story.

Jessica Miller // 31 Days of Women With Vision

Jessica has been one of my best friends since college. She lived in Mexico as a missionary and she loves Jesus with an unending love! I guarantee that you will be blessed as you follow her journey and learn from her. I have shared a little bit about myself on her blog!

Elle & Company // Coffee Date

I met Lauren through Instagram and have loved her heart and her design! She asked me to do a "coffee date" and share a lot of my heart on her blog. I LOVED her questions and had so much fun answering them! I hope you enjoy them as well!

Catherine Parks // A Christ-Centered Wedding 

Catherine and I had coffee together a few months ago when she was passing through Knoxville. She loves Jesus and is passionate about sharing with girls how to have a wedding that is centered around the Gospel! She wrote a book that is amazing and I would highly recommend it to any girls who are engaged and in the wedding planning process. I shared on her blog about our wedding and love story.

The Christian Girl // The Beautiful Girl

Natalia found me through Instagram and just through emailing her and hearing her vision for her new magazine, I fell in love! You will be blessed by following "The Christian Girl." I know that God is going to do great things through Natalia! I hope you are encouraged through this interview.

Grab a cup of coffee and let's chat for a while! I would love to get to know you more as well! Anything that you read that stirs your heart, please comment below or email me so we can encourage one another in the Lord!

Have a beautiful weekend.