Fill Your Ears With Truth: Podcasts We Love

 Find the  "Give Me Jesus" mug  here. Photo by Eleanor Stenner. 

Find the "Give Me Jesus" mug here. Photo by Eleanor Stenner. 

It's no surprise that what we fill our minds with each day is what will eventually come out of our mouths. The things that we hear have a profound impact on what we believe and the way that we live. Romans 10:17 tells us this: "So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ." What we listen to has the power to deepen of weaken our faith. That is why it is important that we be discerning about the words and music we listen to, knowing that what we hear will develop into beliefs and will pour back out into our actions. 

When I was younger a wise teacher challenged me to think carefully about the words and music I filled my ears with. It was this small challenge that inspired me to listen to words that would build me up rather than tear down my identity in Christ. Making this choice has made an impact in my walk with the Lord and continues to as I seek to raise my little boy and take care of what goes into his little ears and heart as well.

A few years ago when I started training for my first half marathon I searched for sermons and podcasts that I could listen to while running. This time ended up being some of my favorite moments spent with the Lord. Though I don't run as much as I used to, I do listen to several podcasts throughout the week that stir my affections for Christ! I normally listen to these when I get ready in the morning, go grocery shopping, exercise, and do daily tasks like the dishes or folding laundry. Listening to truth, wisdom, and encouragement is one way I've learned to look forward to doing mundane tasks, because I know that at the same time I am filling my heart with words of wisdom. Below are several podcasts that I have loved listening to these past few months and years, and I hope they encourage you to fill your ears with truth!

Podcasts I love

Glorious in the Mundane with Christy Nockels - I found this last year and quickly fell in love with it! Christy has a beautiful way with words and teaches powerful truth from Scripture and from example. 

Help me Teach the Bible with Nancy Guthrie - I highly recommend this podcast even if you don't consider yourself a Bible teacher. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, knowing how to study the Word is vital and this podcast will equip you to do so!

Set Apart Girl with Leslie Ludy - I have followed the ministry of Leslie Ludy since high school. Her devout devotion to live a gospel-centered life has made a direct impact on my own life! This podcast is short and is a great one to listen to when you get ready each day!

Revive Our Hearts by Nancy Leigh Wolgemuth - The Revive Our Hearts daily podcast is one of my favorites. I've listened to Nancy's teaching for years. This daily podcast is about 25 minutes long and is packed with truth! There have been times I have had to stop what I was doing just to get out my Bible and journal and study along with Nancy. 

That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs - Annie Downs is not only hilarious but she loves the Lord with all her heart. Her podcast is a great pick me up throughout the week!

Risen Motherhood by Laura Wifler and Emily Jensen - If you are a mom, or if you work with young children, this podcast if for you. Laura and Emily keep these podcasts short to fit into a mom's busy schedule, but they are packed with truth and encouragement!

Flower Mound Women's Bible Study by Jen Wilkin - Jen Wilkin's Bible study at the Village Church is available for free via podcast. You can walk through an entire book of the Bible with her and find previous podcasts. Last fall I did her Hebrews study and simply listened to the corresponding podcast for each week!

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey - Jamie has interviewed several women that I highly respect, such as Lauren Chandler, Jennie Allen, Shelly Giglio, Rebekah Lyons, and Gloria Furman! There have been several epodes where she has simply interviewed a woman with a powerful testimony that left me in tears. 

Telling the Truth with the Briscoes - I discovered Jill Briscoe through IF:Gathering this year and found her podcast. It has been a joy to listen to hear teaching!

Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson - I just recently started listening to Dr. James Dobson and have been encouraged through the wisdom that he shares in parenting and marriage. 

I know that there are several more podcasts out there that teach truth and are meant to encourage and inspire us to live faithfully to Jesus Christ! Since I have limited time and am unable to even listen to all of these each week (normally I only listen to 1-3 depending on time), I have tried to stick to only subscribing to my favorite podcasts that stir my affections for Christ. 

Are there any other podcasts that you have been encouraged by? Comment below so we can encourage one another to fill our ears with truth!

your sister,