Escaping the Box

escaping the box LLB

Everyday when I wake up, I'm temped to get into the box.

You know. It's the box of people pleasing, trying to be everything when you know you can't, and trying to be what you think others want. It's a tiny little box that makes me feel trapped when I get in it. This box is one that I built for myself. I built it over many years of wanting to do good, to be the best, and to be loved. But this box is not what my Creator intended me to live in.

This tiny little box that constricts our hearts and hinders our God-given creativity is a tool of the enemy. He loves this little box. He loves watching us step one foot in, then the other, then crouching down to being completely useless and fearful. The box is made of six walls. One on every side. Each wall is significant. The bottom of the box is insecurity. We stand on it hoping to find some ground in our abilities, only to be shaken and wobbly and lose all confidence. The sides of the box are comparison, pride, envy, and doubt. We look to the left and compare to the person next to us. We look to the right and become prideful because we feel better than that person. Then we look in front of us and become envious of what the other person has. And then we turn around and doubt that God loves us like He loves that person. All around, we look to others and our heart sinks. The box gives no room to see the good and joy that God has given.

Then we look up and we see nothing. The box is small and dark and we can't move much in it. The top of the box is made of fear. We fear insignificance. We fear not being enough. We fear not being loved and we fear not making a difference in the world.

It's a small box, and it's one that I am tired of stepping into. Are you?

But there's hope, dear sister. There's hope for those of you who, too, step into this tiny box and lose your joy! There's hope because God, the Creator of all things, has the power to tear down this box in an instant. He tears down the bottom with identity. Insecurity is struck down with the finding one's identity in Christ. Knowing who you are and Whose you are changes everything. And then that left wall of comparison is struck down with awe. Yes, awe. When we focus our eyes on the cross of Christ, we will be in utter awe and amazement of His outstanding and gracious love, that no thing will deter our hearts and make us want more. He is enough, sister. He is more than enough.


Then that other wall of pride. It's a strong one in our hearts. It's torn down with humility. The humility of patience, of loving others like Jesus, and of seeing your worth in the King of Kings. Humility trumps pride every single time. That wall of envy? Crushed by the joy of delight in the abundant gifts for in Christ. We have everything we need in Christ Jesus according to His riches and sacrifice on the cross. That wall of doubt? Demolished by love for the Word of God that saves our hearts, redeems our souls, and plants our feet in the truth that never changes.

All that's left is that empty ceiling. The one that is made up of fear. The Lord takes the cap off of the box and we can see clearly. The sky above. The stars twinkling in the night. The birds singing in the limbs overheard. When fear is taken away, we can see the bigness of God and the smallness of our problems. Sometimes in the morning, the first thing we need to do is to look up to the heavens that are proclaiming the glory of God! Instead of looking down at our feet, we need to look up to our Savior who died for you and me.

God has given us a way of escape from the box. Let us plant our feet firmly in the Word of God and simply look up and believe in Him who can do all things. Living life in the tiny box is no life at all. Grasp the abundance that Christ has for you today.

Looking up with you,