a dream that needs YOU

Give Me Jesus

I have always been a dreamer. Ever since I was a little girl my mind has always been in another world imagining what could be... Those dreams haven't changed and I am still usually in another world dreaming of what could be. This time one of those dreams is coming to life. It is actually happening and it is taking much prayer, hard work and vulnerability. I can't wait to reveal what it is! But right now I need your help!! Comment below with your answers to the following question:

  • Tell me your favorite quote(s) and/or verse(s).
  • What does the statement "give me Jesus" mean to you?
  • What does your quiet time look like each day?

Each person who comments will be entered in a drawing. One person will receive a special Life Lived Beautifully gift! Share with your friends. Let's encourage one another through Scripture and words of life today!

I can't wait to hear your heart! Thank you for helping this dream come true!