Dear Insecurity,

We've all felt the shackles of insecurity. We lug them around like a weight on our feet. We act as if they are an adornment that we have to hide behind. But Jesus tells us otherwise. He didn't die on a cross for us to walk in this life, shackled with shame and doubt. Through the power of Jesus' resurrection, we can break up with insecurity. It's time we took of the shackles and walked freely. If you are in, join me in breaking up with this unwanted friend. 

Dear insecurity,

You are not my friend and you are not my identity. You keep me from following my Savior wholeheartedly. You hinder me from celebrating with others. You whisper lies into my ears that I'm not good enough. You are not the truth. Your security is in your lies, and you are anything but secure. I'm tired of letting you rule my decisions and tie me down. I'm no longer going to let you drive my emotions and thoughts, because my Savior, He's already conquered you for me.

In Him, I am complete (Colossians 2:10).

In Him, I am set free (Galatians 5:1).

Insecurity, you are not my master, Jesus is. So we are breaking up. For good. I'm taking up my role as a daughter of the King, a servant of the Most High, and I'm taking orders from Him now. I've been redefined by the blood of Jesus and I'm no longer shackled to you. Stable, secure, and set free now mark me.

When you try to trip me up again tomorrow, I will run to Jesus - again and again and again. Insecurity, you have no hold of me, because Jesus is my Friend. 

no longer yours, 


We've been set free, friends. Let's live in the freedom Christ has purchased for us. Because of Him, you cannot be shaken, and insecurity has no grip on you. You've been redefined: unshackled, secured, and set free. 

Live free.