Be Deeply Rooted

This post was written by Becca Lafferty, a high-school English teacher in Singapore. Read more from Becca on her blog.

It is a treasure to be in the Psalms, isn't it?

I so relate to King David and his singing, dancing praises to God and his desperate cries of despair, side by side on my Bible's pages. What IS consistent is David's commitment to putting down deep roots in God's streams of life.

He has dark nights and brilliant mornings. He is at peace, he is destroyed. He is victorious and he is absolutely and utterly defeated. But most importantly, he is planted by God's streams. His roots are growing deeper into who God is no matter what the weather is around him.

Oh, this is what I crave: to be deeply rooted who God is. I crave His living water. This morning, I'm spending time in His word and I'm praying for all of our roots to grow deeper and for our trees to produce His fruit IN HIS SEASON. How can I pray for your roots or fruit? Don't forget to return to the streams of life, friends.

deeply rooted,