Are You Ready?

Hey sister,

I am so grateful you are going to take this journey with me. This is going to not only be a journey of letting go of the “dried-up” life we’ve been living; it will be a journey of grabbing hold of the abundant life that Jesus came to give us! The well-watered woman is a woman who daily drinks deep from the Well of God's Word and finds her satisfaction and joy in Christ alone. She has tasted Jesus and she can’t get enough of Him. She knows that this world isn’t her true home, and she has been redefined in Christ. Doesn’t that sounds amazing?

I am tired of wasting precious time searching for satisfaction in all the wrong things, living only off of the droplets of Jesus, and allowing the things of this world to dry up my joy. Are you? We were meant for more than the "dried up, keep trying, never getting there kind of life."

We were created to be well-watered women who find all our satisfaction and joy in Christ alone. It’s time we stopped allowing Satan to distract us from our mission and the things that will give our life purpose. It’s time we started living each day with eternity in mind. All the promises of God’s Word are ours today if we would just read them, cherish them, and live them.

If you are with me, and if reading this stirs your heart, join me in the call to be well-watered women. This series will take you through what this looks like and how choosing to “drink deeply from the Well” of God’s Word will impact your life for eternity. As your read, pray, and seek the face of God, I pray that you will be inspired to live for eternity by being faithful in the "here and now." This life is so brief, but what is coming is forever. Let’s live our days for what is to come, worshipping Jesus with our whole hearts, and telling the whole world about Him. 

Drinking deeply from the Well,